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About Us

Our boards are a 100% mauritian product brought to you by the creative musings of artist Bruce, founder of 1977 Rustic Art, and now SaltStudio. The boards are crafted using specialized machinery, with Bruce allowing the wood to decide how it would like to be cut.
Each board is unique and different, showcasing the natural grain of the beautiful, yet invasive, Tecoma tree, and an appreciation for the natural shape of the wood. We do also have special platters made from exotic mauritian wood, such as Filao, Camphor, Bois Noir and Acacia. All our exotic boards use wood which is salvaged and upcycled to create something extraordinary.
To care for your boards, simply wash them with a little warm water, wipe them with a dry cloth and stand or hang them in an upright position in a well-ventilated place. If you notice a change in the colour over time, simply rub them with 100% olive oil.

About Us

SaltStudio: The leading supplier of all local wooden platters and kitchenware. We supply hotel-quality, premium wooden products, all lovingly crafted by hand, at affordable prices. Choose SaltStudio to turn your kitchen into a chef`s haven! 

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